Ministries and Outreach

Men’s Mission Group

The Men’s Mission Group has been quite busy this year with several responsibilities.

They strive to take care of the physical property of our Father’s house and repair all that needs repairing. In addition they have a maintence group available to go to parishioners homes to do light maintenance for those that are unable to do there own. This service is not limited to those of Valley Presbyterian. Members of the community may also request. help. There service also include transportation for those in need.

The group helps to feed members and their families who are hungry. At their monthly luncheons they collect money and have game nights to raise money for the Salvation Army food mission.

Recently the group collected playground equipment for a school in a disavantaged area and most recently they collected toilet paper, tissues, white board wipes and paper towels for the same school (pictured).

They donated a new desk to the churches technical team and modified it to meet the teams needs.

Women’s Ministry Group

Salvation Army

“Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.”

Women’s ministry members help distribute food baskets to families, seniors, and those on hospice every month. In addition gift baskets are made by members to be distributed to those in need. The baskets include holiday meals and gifts.

Baskets are give to Hospice families, individuals, families and seniors. They include food and toiletries.

Pictured below is the mission group sharing how food boxes were given to over 100 families and seniors during the last month using donations from our church.

Due to generous donations, the church was able to include personal items and beautiful wooden crosses with the Salvation Army Food boxes for Easter.

Those receiving Salvation boxes for Easter were also treated to cheese ball carrots made by the Ladies Mission Group.

From the Men’s Luncheon Group . . . Because of the very generous donations toward the Rotary Club’s Beaver Dam Elementary School Christmas Project, the men’s luncheon group was able to present them with a gift of twice our original estimated amount! There will definitely be some happy children on Christmas Day.

Food Bank

Each month when Valley Presbyterian gathers around the Lord’s Table for Communion, we gather some of our gifts of food and finances to share with those in need. Some of our church members volunteer on a regular basis.

Prayer Shawl and Outreach

The Prayer Shawl and Outreach group distributes shawls and quilts to those in need of support and also to recognize those who have gone above and beyond. In addition they support Senior Living Centers and other projects the group has identified. The group has been working with our local police. Many of the quilts and shawls are distributed by the police to homeless people, people in need they call on, elderly residents, victims of domestic violence and any other areas they see a need.

Below are photos from blessing the the shawls on Sunday, February 4.

Senior Living Centers

The Prayer Shawl/Outreach group sponsor and help with activities at the local senior living centers.

The group assisted residents of the Mesa Valley Estates in a Teddy Bear Clinic for local children. Children brought their stuffed animals to the clinic to be weighed, measured and evaluated by a certified stuffed animal doctor for any problems. Light repairs were made to the stuffed animals if needed. The purpose of the clinic was to teach children that doctors visits weren’t scary.

Shirley and resident taking temperature


The doctor evaluating Mr. Bear
Judy measureing patients.

Members of the Prayer Shawl/Outreach group visited the Beehive Senior Living Centers for a Hymn Day. Mary Bowers played some of the older hymns that residents knew by heart. The residents love to have music days when the group visits.

Members that led the hymn sing in at the Beehive Senior Center were Shirley Jessup, Pat Waldorf, Marilyn Weiss, Judy Strachan and Mary Bowers.

They reported that they had as much fun as the residents!


In May, members assisted Mesa Valley Senior Living staff in holding a pie judging contest.

Pies on the left were donated by Shirley Jessup and Judy Strachan.

Servers on the right are Marilyn Weiss, Skip Clayborn and Maureen Savage (not shown, Kathy Souba).


Members of the group held a Spring Sing Along for residents at the Beehive house. They also celebrated Mary (resident) 94th birthday. Once again Priss Steelman led the singing with her ukulele.